Dear Colleagues

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend The World Conference on Advanced Treatments & Technologies in Wound Care taking place in London, UK, from 15 - 16 October 2018.

This conference is aimed at exchanging knowledge between scientists, clinicians and R&D personnel in the relevant wound prevention and care industries in regard to the latest technologies for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of wounds of all types (i.e. acute including burns, and chronic), as well as for identifying knowledge and technological gaps that exist in the field. Speakers are cherry-picked to verify that they bring the latest science, medical and industry perspectives to the forum. The specific goals of this conference are to:
  1. Provide an overview of current research and development trends in academia in regard to a spectrum of research and technologies in the wound prevention and care field.
  2. Identify potential opportunities for transfer of technologies that are still at the research lab phase into medical technologies and products.
  3. Identify needs and technological gaps in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all wound types.
Hence, this is a truly unique opportunity - the first of its kind - to meet the interests of scientists/clinicians and the biomedical industry alike. The conference will also provide an enjoyable atmosphere and sufficient time for informal discussions, and encourage follow-up contacts between participants to establish a long-lasting network in the field of medical technologies related to wound prevention, diagnosis and care. Delegates will be academic and industry leaders as well as clinicians involved in wound care who would like to learn about the most recent technologies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment – most of which is still at the research lab phase, as well as scientists of diverse backgrounds who are actively researching these topics and R&D personnel from relevant industries. Opinion leaders and senior clinicians in the international medical community will be participating and expressing their views on current and future technological trends in wound care.

Some example topics to be covered on the program of the ATTWC Conference are:
  • Biomarkers for chronic wounds including deep tissue injuries
  • Aging and fragility of skin and subdermal tissues and technologies to asses tissue fragility
  • Smart materials for support surfaces, overlies and protective clothing
  • Technologies for training and education in wound prevention and care
  • Technologies for wound measurements
  • Technologies and devices for preventing pressure ulcers
  • Sensors and fabrics for pressure ulcer prevention
  • Computer modelling and simulations in wound prevention and care
  • Support surface technology, including beds, wheelchairs, positioners, mattresses and cushions
  • Technologies to protect amputation patients from tissue damage
  • Biomaterials in the design of dressings
  • Microclimate control
  • Sensor technologies for monitoring tissue health status
  • Electrical stimulation and electromagnetic therapies
  • Imaging of deep pressure ulcers
  • Tissue engineering based treatments of burns, acute and chronic wounds
  • High-throughput screening of wound therapies
  • Wound databases and big-data analyses
  • Design of clinical trials for testing medical devices in the field of wound prevention and care
  • Transfer of medical device technology from the academia to the industry
Looking forward to welcoming you to London.

Yours sincerely,

Prof Amit Gefen
Conference Chair
Conference Organizer