Confirmed Speakers and Presentation Titles

Malin Andersson

Mölnlycke Health Care, 

Prof. Stéphane Avril

Biomechanical Modelling of the Human Leg under Elastic Compression

  • How to perform patient-specific Finite-Element (FE) predictions of the human calf response under elastic compression?
  • What are the main biomechanical effects of elastic compression on soft tissues of the legs and on the veins?
  • What does it tell us on vein hemodynamics and microcirculation in the lower limb?

Dr. Dan Bader
Professor of Bioengineering and Tissue Health,
Faculty of Health Sciences,
University of Southampton

1. How Medical Devices potentially create Pressure Ulcers

2. Sensors and Biomarkers for Early Diagnosis of Tissue Injury

Dr.Tod Brindle
Chief Clinical Officer 
Integrated Healing Technologies

HBO To Go? Preliminary Evidence of Combined Negative/Positive Pressure Wound Therapy with Oxygen Instillation

Next Generation Systems to Delivery Combination Negative and Positive Pressure Wound Therapy with Instillation of Oxygen Into the Wound Bed. Pre-clinical Information from in Vivo Models

 1. Describe the novel use of pathogen-binding-acetate-mesh with hypochlorous acid in combination with negative pressure wound therapy in comparison to traditional reticulated foam fillers. 

2. Discuss the novel use of a new negative pressure & positive pressure wound therapy system to deliver fluid and gases into the wound bed. 

3. Describe the results of preclinical, in vivo testing demonstrating the delivery and diffusion of oxygen into the periwound tissues in a porcine model utilizing this new negative/postiive pressure wound system. 

Prof. Sam Evans
Head, School of Engineering
Cardiff University, UK

 The Mechanics of Skin and Soft Tissues

Dr. Nick Garner 
Director of Operations at APA Parafricta Ltd
Advancing the Use of Low Friction Fabric Technology in Design of Support Surfaces and Medical Devices

Prof Amit Gefen 
Congress Chair

Professor in Biomedical Engineering
Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Biomechanics
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Tel Aviv University, Israel


Dr. Hanna Kaufman


Prof. Georges Limbert 
Associate Professor in Biophysical Engineering, University of Southampton, UK | University of Cape Town, South Africa

 Mechanics of the Ageing Skin

Mr. James Nolan
Inclinica, USA

The Global Clinical Trial Crisis

Prof. Yohan Payan
Directeur de Recherche CNRS    Head of the GMCAO team (Computer Assisted Medical Interventions)
Deputy Director of TIMC-IMAG Laboratory
Univ. Grenoble Alpes - CNRS UMR 5525 - Pavillon Taillefer       
Faculté de Médecine

Real-Time Computer Modeling in Prevention of Chronic Wounds

Prof. Antoine Perrier
PhD Biomécanique, Podologue D.E

Dr. Raymond Samuriwo 
Lecturer, School of Healthcare Sciences
College of Biomedical and Life Sciences
Cardiff University, UK

Decision Making and Technology in Wound Care - Challenges and Opportunities

Prof. Nick Santamaria
Professor of Nursing Research at the University of Melbourne Australia

Clinical and Cost Effectiveness of Pressure Ulcer Prevention

  • Strength of the evidence supporting the use of multi-layer silicone dressings to prevent hospital acquired pressure ulcers
  • Strength of the cost/effectiveness evidence for the use of dressings to prevent pressure ulcers
  • The importance of only using dressings to prevent pressure ulcers that have a strong evidence base – not all dressings perform in the same way
Prof. Lisa Tucker-Kellogg 
Assistant Professor at the Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore, in Cancer & Stem Cell Biology (CSCB) 

Cellular Injury and Membrane Disruption in Pressure Ulcer Models

Prof. Peter Worsley 
Lecturer in Rehabilitative Bioengineering
Faculty of Health Sciences
Southampton General Hospital

Monitoring Microclimate Conditions between the Body and Support Surfaces 

Prof. Meital Zilberman
President – The Israel Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (ISMBE)
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Tel Aviv University

Biomaterials in the Design of Dressings